Jesus at the Barre

My new Jesus at the Barre classes will incorporate strength, balance, pilates, flexibility, and a tad of dance fitness. This low impact workout will be safe and effective for all body types. Prayer and Music that inspires and encourages our spirits will motivate us while we workout.  

Join me in January 2017! 

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Client & Class Member Testimonials

Angel is more than just another fitness instructor! She will inspire you to grow stronger spiritually as well as physically, having fun the whole time!  Join her classes and you will get amazing results!

Angel is by far the best Zumba instructor around! I have taken her classes for a while and LOVE them. Her classes are the most fun you will ever have burning tons of calories! Her music selections are always new and motivating. I always look forward to her classes. I'm so excited she is going to be closer to home and I can go 3 times a week!!!!!

I was a newbie to Zumba a few months ago, and thanks to Angel and her awesome classes, I am now a fanatic. Her classes are not only fun and motivational, they are kicking my behind into the best shape of it's life! Sweating for an hour with Angel is the most fun I think I have ever had working out. She is vibrant and inspirational, and her classes have reminded me of the joy of dancing.

Angel does a great job at energizing and encouraging the class! She helps us learn the moves while challenging us with a solid workout. Her smile and positive attitude are contagious and you can't help but have a great time while exercising!

Love, love, love, Angel's zumba classes. A great workout with an instructor who is really fun and cares about you personally. It is so much fun you don't think of it as "working out". If a great time is what you are looking for then Angel's class is the place.

Angel is not only an amazing Zumba instructor, but a true friend to all her know her as well. Her outgoing personality, and passion for fitness and the Lord will inspire all who take her classes. She is constantly keeping her music fresh and FUN! With Angel you will get a great workout, AND be blessed with her positive outlook on life! She will keep you motivated to keep coming back and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Rebecca T.